Dec 16, 2014

2014 Holiday Song - Last Christmas !

Took a little break from recording our album to record this classic Wham! song "Last Christmas" Last Christmas got played on the local FM radio Live 105.3FM, and featured on Daily Dose, to countless subscribers. You can download our single on for free!

Holiday love from The Sentinel GangTarabud, Dennis, & Billy

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LIVE 105.3 FM


Apr 29, 2014

New Album Coming!

Yes, you've heard the rumors and they are all correct! We are recording a new album. Ten songs already in the works at our newly finished home studio. It has been a long time coming, as last year we kept getting live show invites that we could not turn down. We  kept postponing our recording time. This year we are focused and dedicated to get this new material out!
Please be patient while we record music, write lyrics and melodies, record vocals, mix and master all 10 songs, and create the album art all by ourselves.

We'll post links for downloads in the SPRING, 2015!
Stay Strong!
~Sentinel gang

Jan 22, 2014

Ticket giveaways

Win tix to our next show at the Great American Music Hall, in San Francisco, through the Bay website! THE BAY BRIDGED

Jan 13, 2014