Dec 6, 2009

Sentinel band Members

* Dennis *


Drink: Bourbon /Coke

Hometown: Minnesota, USA

* Kevin *


Drink: Mixed Beverages

Hometown: Virginia, USA

* Tarabud *

Vocals and Bass

Drink: Brandy Hot Toddie

Hometown: Medellin, Colombia

Nov 13, 2009

NSSN voting is ON !

Vote for us to open up NOT SO SILENT NIGHT at Oracle Arena.

This year you don't need to register.
Only one vote per IP address!

You're the best,


Sep 2, 2009

Flying on Sky Radio

Virgin America’s in-flight Sky Radio accepted – Avalanche! If your flying San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Washington DC, Boston and Orange County you’ll hear us in a special interview! Awesome !

Tomorrow shooting video for our new single release. Will post for your viewing on 9/15 if all goes well!


Aug 20, 2009

dream pop and the like

Did you ever wonder where dream-pop came from?:

Mar 26, 2009

Sentineldream On Twitter

Mar 4, 2009

Early Spring Update

Sentinel had a vision meeting while walking in the rain today through
our neighborhood of Oakland. Nature is blooming, so green and damp
everywhere. Wonderful. We had visions, but the main decision was to
write new music, new tunes that represent more of the mood we are
feeling now; a sense of growth, through so much change and
deconstruction. In summary we'd like to make a moody & spatial
album with more of the influences that we enjoy hearing in music. We
went back and our drummer laid down some new drum tracks. Check back to
hear more about how we continue to make new creations.


Feb 22, 2009

Red Devil Love

Great times at the show last Thursday. We played with some really great bands thanks to Tin Fan who put the whole ANT SHOW together. The Blank Slates had a great singer; Please Don't Fight really brought out the crowds and rocked the stage with their songs and cover; The Catholic Combs, were so well put together and dreamy. Since Miss Fan is putting together a compilation of local bands, and we're included this year; We look forward to playing a show to help promote the release!

Feb 7, 2009

Sentinel on the slopes in Switzerland

Snowboarders and all lovers of snow,

Check out where our Avalanche-Dance-Remix has been hanging out:

Podcast Adelboden-Lenk - Da Gran Masta of Switzerland.

Fun to watch!


Jan 30, 2009


You know us as a local indie dream pop band, playing around the City (San Francisco & Oakland). But behold, we're branching out! We just finished a dance remix of Avalanche, from our album Kites Without Strings, for one of our close friends who loves this song, and can't get enough of it.
FREE download through Soundcloud!

Dance On!

Jan 21, 2009

Ant Show 2009

Sentinel is up and running again for another show Sponsored by Ant Show:

Catch us at:

Red Devil Lounge
San Francisco, CA 94609
February 19, 2009
Doors open 9pm
Cover: TBA

Other great Bay Area Indie bands include, The Catholic Combs, Please Do Not Fight, and The Blank Slates.

Don't miss it!!!