Dec 22, 2011

2011 Year End Reflections.

This 2011 has been a great year for us! What joy, to all the people we have met and who have befriended us. Thank You for all your support! Here are the highlights! 
Self-released Jet Black single video. 
~ Self-released Dark End single. 
~ Played Japan Benefit and raised $5,000 for the Japan tsunami survivors.  
~Got Featured several times on Live 105.3 FM.
~Played live in studio on KZSU 90.1FM, Stanford and KALX 90.7FM, UC Berkeley. 
~Had a On-air interview with Amazing Radio in UK.
~Got tons of play in the UK, Mexico, Australia.
~Had some fun parties celebrating our blessed life.  
~Bought some new gear to improve our experience live. 
~Celebrated our second year with drummer Billy Mowery.
~Started a new electronic side project called PrettyHawke, single to be released in 2012.

God Lordy, we did a lot!  
We look forward to a prosperous and creative 2012!  
Wishing you and family Happy Holidays *!*

Tarabud, Dennis, & Billy

Oct 25, 2011

Dark End On Bandcamp !

Oct 18, 2011

Sentinel Live November 5th

We are playing a live show for you! Check us out at this local favorite San Francisco Bar. Great Bar Food too!

Hotel Utah Saloon
500 4th Street @ Bryant
San Francisco, California

(415) 546-6300

November 5th

Walking Spanish

21 and Over

Sep 2, 2011

KALX & KZSU interviews!

We received the recording of our interviews, after the live performance at our local college radio stations. Click on the link below and take a listen. KALX- 21 minutes, and KZSU - 8 mintues.

Aug 29, 2011

College Radio ~ Live in Studio Shows!

Just a quick reminder about our two upcoming radio appearances!!!
Two rival universities asked us to perform for their live in studio. Select your favorite school, or listen to both!
This is a perfect chance to hear us play, if you are out of the Bay Area!

KALX Saturday Night Live
90.7 FM
9pm-10pm PST for live stream!

KZSU Wednesday Night Live
90.1 FM
9pm-10pm PST for live stream!

from the gang,

Jul 25, 2011

FM Radio Plays!

Thanks to Jaeger at 107.7 FM the Bone for playing us on his LOCAL LICKS Show, two weeks in a row!

Local Licks Bands | Local Venues
"Local Licks On The Bone" Sundays, Midnight to 1:00am, features buzzworthy bands found right here in the Bay Area. Let us know what you think! Send your e-mails to and
* * *
Latest Playlists

July 25th, 2011
Full On Flyhead - "S.O.S."
Lyn Yeah - "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"
Serenity Now! - "The Hero Factor"
Diamond Lane - "Never Going Home"
Yeibichai - "Cactus Buttons"
Space Vacation - "Die! Heavy Metal!"
Blue Cheer - "Rollin' Dem Bones"
Sentinel - "Kinda Light Up"
Oona - "Let It Go"
Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers - "Game Of Skill"
Spiralarms - "Bohemian Groove"
Dave Rude Band - "Afterlife"

July 18th, 2011
Mark Gosney - "Cool Summer Morning"
Dirty Power - "What Would Mountain Do?"
Diamond Lane - "Hollywood Hero"
Sentinel - "Kinda Light Up"
The Hooks - "10,000 Ft. and Rising"
David Unger - "Guilty Night"
Ratchet - "Million Miles Away"
Mavalour - "One And Lonely"
Ones And Zeroes - "Change POV"
State Line Empire (w/ Slash) - "Drive Me"
Wilde Starr - "Rose In The Dark"
Mob Witness - "The Phoenix"
Rubber Side Down - "Addictions"

Jun 10, 2011

New Single Released

New single, just in time to add to your summer playlist. Dark End, is a little Hopeful-Melodic Dream Rock, Large Soundscapes, Soothing Female Voice, and Colorful Harmonies. Influenced by: Cocteau Twins, Metric, Feist, U2, Everything But the Girl, Cardigans, Fleetwood Mac. Stream entire single today on

May 18, 2011


I've been reading blogs and seeing a few live shows around town. We are surrounded by super local music in San Francisco and Bay Area. Our City also welcomes touring bands, but then there is always the massive free downloads and free streaming. There is just oodles of music to be found and digested from around the world. If I stick with my regular diet of KCRW, Insomnia Radio, KALX, SOMA FM, Radio Analogo, I get more than a full platter of delicious tunes. Every new morsel is a gem to obsess over.

But lately on my commute to the day job, I find I can only sit in my car in silence, a well needed break from any NPR tragedy, and even jazz - that just won't satisfy. Oversaturation, constant media input can leave me manic and dizzy. Sometimes I'll revert back to the oldies but goodies, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Ella and Louie, a little Brian Eno to clear the musical palette even further. But then I begin my musical discovery frenzy again.

This week I had the pleasure of seeing Eisley, from Tyler, Texas, touring through San Francisco's Slims. It was sweet harmonies and fantastic melodies rising and engulfing from the group - so young and vibrant. They were a freshness I hadn't heard in a while. On reflecting on them more....their greatness came from the fact that they used their full range of voice(s), they had been plying together for many years, they were related, they were family. Their sound was dynamic- it rose, it dropped down, it was a joyful musical journey. It reminded me of going to church and only enjoying the singing parts of the service. I wanted to join them in their exhaultation. I was transported along with everyone with me to a lovely place. Did you see them? Sorry if you missed it.

They say it takes more than 10,000 times of practice on a musical instrument to be really great. I imagine it is the same for vocalization, or perhaps it's just the way one vocalizes. No one can teach you to express your emotions in singing. It's a magic that cannot be taught, it is the listener who is moved and inspired. I only hope to reach such greatness in my musical journeys as a musician. Off to practice I go, striving for suchness!


Apr 15, 2011

Insomnia Radio Review of Jet Black

Thanks to Insomnia Radio for a insightful review into our song! Never too late to share with your listeners~! Insomnia Radio

Mar 28, 2011


I had a very sweet summer spent in Japan, and made a strong impression on me. The kindness and generosity of the people, and the beauty of the nature was stunning. Now as I watch the devastation and nuclear crisis, I feel much pain for them. Sentinel is making plans to release a single which funds will be donated to Japan relief. Stay tuned for new single. Also we are doing a fundraiser for Japan sponsored by NoisePop on 4/21. Buy your ticket here:

Tarabud, and the gang

Feb 8, 2011

Video Shoot

Putting together our video shoot took some time. Here are some still shots of the experience. Soon to be released Jet Black video.

Feb 2, 2011

Sentinel on Jango

Sentinel music can be found on many free streaming radio waves, but this one is extra special. The Jango station selects the perfect match for mood and quality music of similar genre with good accuracy. It's a good match for Pandora for sure. Try it and find your favorite songs to make a station.

Jan 19, 2011


Sentinel is getting lots of airplay on WomensRadio station Thanks to Brian Ball the director. We also have a bunch of shout-outs we recorded that are getting airplay. The station is streaming great independent female musicians not yet signed to labels. Get on the stream!

Jan 6, 2011

Somojo Magazine interview

Read our 2010 interview with Somojo Magazine out of the UK. We also get played on their podstream. 

Amazing Radio !

Amazing Radio in UK featuring Sentinel for full week on Amazing Breakfast with the Lovely Georgie Rogers. 
Tune in 7 am, you might even catch Tarabud interview on Wednesday morning. 

Jan 5, 2011

The iTunes

We REALLY are on iTunes!  
All Sentinel full length albums, singles compilations, and LP's of last decade found easily in the Apple store!  

Jan 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

2010 summed up~!  

We self released our LP, For Days Deep (February, 2010) and did as much promotion as possible as an unsigned band. Getting played on numerous podcasts and local radio stations and doing a few live interviews, was a blast. Lots of excitement from USA, UK, and Mexico fans.
We welcomed a new drummer, Billy Mowery!  We even flirted around with a new keyboardist, but she had to move on after a few shows, to keep up with school/work.  
We played some killer shows this year in Bay Area: Six Flags Magic Kingdom, Bay Street, Red Devil Lounge, Uptown, and the BevMo! Holiday Beer Festival, Fort Mason. 
We wrote a single: 'Jet Black' (November, 2010) with free download for our fans here~
Recorded a cover christmas single also available for free download on
To top it all off, Live 105 FM, selected us one of the top 10 bands of the Bay Area!  
We were stoked to be the only female fronted band on the list ~Girls Rock~! 

For a third year in row, we were in the running to open up NOT SO SILENT NIGHT Concert. 

Our 2011 resolutions: release Jet Black video, release Dark End single, play hella shows and festivals. Any complaints?

Love from the San Francisco Bay Area,
Sentinel gang