Jul 25, 2011

FM Radio Plays!

Thanks to Jaeger at 107.7 FM the Bone for playing us on his LOCAL LICKS Show, two weeks in a row!


Local Licks Bands | Local Venues
"Local Licks On The Bone" Sundays, Midnight to 1:00am, features buzzworthy bands found right here in the Bay Area. Let us know what you think! Send your e-mails to rock@thebone.net and jaeger@thebone.net.
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Latest Playlists

July 25th, 2011
Full On Flyhead - "S.O.S."
Lyn Yeah - "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"
Serenity Now! - "The Hero Factor"
Diamond Lane - "Never Going Home"
Yeibichai - "Cactus Buttons"
Space Vacation - "Die! Heavy Metal!"
Blue Cheer - "Rollin' Dem Bones"
Sentinel - "Kinda Light Up"
Oona - "Let It Go"
Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers - "Game Of Skill"
Spiralarms - "Bohemian Groove"
Dave Rude Band - "Afterlife"

July 18th, 2011
Mark Gosney - "Cool Summer Morning"
Dirty Power - "What Would Mountain Do?"
Diamond Lane - "Hollywood Hero"
Sentinel - "Kinda Light Up"
The Hooks - "10,000 Ft. and Rising"
David Unger - "Guilty Night"
Ratchet - "Million Miles Away"
Mavalour - "One And Lonely"
Ones And Zeroes - "Change POV"
State Line Empire (w/ Slash) - "Drive Me"
Wilde Starr - "Rose In The Dark"
Mob Witness - "The Phoenix"
Rubber Side Down - "Addictions"
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