Jul 9, 2015

Summer of 2015 - Love Had, Love Lost, & More

                 What we always seek to find is unconditional regard or even unconditional love. We can't always get that or let alone give it, well *DARN* (insert your own word here)that is why we have music, to get us through the cracks of life, over the bridges, where there is another possibility, and we can start over, try again, try something different, sing a different tune. There is something always moving us forward through life, call it whatever you may; and this is where our new album ~ Points of Light ~  fits into your summer playlist! Full albums are rare and at the same a treasure to be discovered in this world of singles and free downloads. You can listen to the 10 song album on this Soundcloud Playlist, full of life themes, ideas, and dreams: 


              Let us know what you think, how you feel, what is moving you. We want to know!  Sending light from the Bay Area, 
                                      ~Sentinel gang

photo by Sharon Campbell
Inside cover of album art ~ Points of Light ~ poem by Tarabud