Jul 10, 2007

Folk Music by Tarabud

This is a recent indie-folk solo project for vocalist of Sentinel. Having taught herself guitar and bass, she came a long way in a very short period of time composing her music. Music was a natural extension of her poetry writing. Her claim to fame are the simple guitar chords, sometimes keyboard compositions that transport her delicate vocals, stories of pain, love, and loneliness to the listener. She has only recently been composing, but has evolved her own unique style of folk and truth-like lullabyes. She is also eccletic; returning to her roots in her Spanish song 'Misterio'. You just might find yourself doing the samba in your living room. Gatherman Productions finished recording her latest debut album Demons, released in 2006 on www.Cdbaby.com! Be sure to check out the latest tune "Alaska" toward her future album Wandering Landscapes on www.myspace.com/tarabud
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