Oct 3, 2010

Sentinel in San Francisco Indie Film

'Love in San Francisco' film has scene featuring Sentinel tune ~ Kinda Light Up! Izzy Chan, producer and director, will premier her newest creation in San Francisco.

Letter from the Director: 

Some of you may have heard, but yes, I made a little film last year.  Well, not so little—just about 40 minutes.  It's called "Love in San Francisco," and as of this moment, it is showing on the digital screen of your choice, in full HD!  For your invitation, just point your browser to:

Besides beautiful San Francisco and some provocative performances by some unexpected actors, this film features music written and performed by a number of local musicians.  It was shot entirely on a bare-bones prosumer HD camera, with no budget and a shoe-string 2.5 person crew.  

This film is the result of two years' labor of love, and I hope you'd enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  As an artist, what matters most to me is that the work gets distributed and seen.  So please, go ahead, share this with your circle of friends, fans and family—on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, your gym, wherever you care to!  

Below is more background on the plot and the making of the film, for those who like to read up on this kind of stuff before they watch!

Izzy Chan

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