Feb 5, 2016

The Sixty One Site Revival

Dear Music Fans,
Not sure if you've heard that The Sixty One site is back! The owners tried to upgrade the graphics a while back and the users protested by leaving the site in the dust. Thankfully they gave into user demand to bring the original site back! It's simple graphics and lack of smart phone application has not deterred anyone. The socially fun site inspired many to return and new users to appear. Favorite songs receive hearts and songs get bumped up by popularity of listeners, becoming a genuine way to see what listeners are truly jazzed, discovering new unheard of bands or well established indie bands. Users can feature music, heart, tip, climb levels to be on Leaderboard, download songs, join groups.
You must try it, and start on our home page:  Sentinel on T61
Here is a screen shot as of today!

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