Jun 16, 2015

Jail House Album Review

The JailHouse

Before you do anything, look at the album cover. Just take a moment and look at all of the shapes and the feeling of it. Ok, that is how this album sounds. The cosmic sound waves carry you through this album. This isn’t necessarily about getting a
message across, but the Dream Pop band is more about pleasing listeners aesthetically.
Dennis Bestafka’s synthed-out guitar along with the feather touch of Bill Mowery on the drums blends perfectly with Tarabud’s vocals. The album can fill a room without disturbing it. The sound becomes just part of the d├ęcor, almost fading into the background.
After just a few seconds, you can tell that they are recreating the 80’s and 90’s synth pop sound. Taking from major names like Smiths, U2 and My Bloody Valentine, Sentinel has harnessed all of these sounds into a beautiful concoction that easily
passes over the listener. Every track is similar, yet distinct enough to feel a change in the mood. These subtle changes are what gives Sentinel their charm and appeal. Sentinel has been releasing albums for 11 years. Although this is the first album that I have listened to personally, I am looking forward to listening to the other five albums.
*Image and audio via Planetary Group
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